Welcome to Namibia

Welcome to Namibia

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  1. The Flamingo Species

    The Flamingo Species

    Two species of flamingos inhabit Walvis Bay’s wetlands every single year– without a closer look one might be deceived into believing they are all pink alike flamingos but there are greater and lesser flamingos. Read more…

  2. The New JoJo’s Music and Arts Café

    The New JoJo’s Music and Arts Café

    It has been a favourite among young creatives in Namibia for the last year, and now it has a new flavour - get your arty fix as you go on this mad-science-creative-twist-culinary-adventure! Read more…

  3. Drum Café - Windhoek

    Drum Café - Windhoek

    Drumming is something everyone, and every culture can relate to. - Warren Lieberman, founder of Drum Café Read more…

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