Welcome to Namibia

Welcome to Namibia

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  1. Among top birding spots in Namibia

    Among top birding spots in Namibia

    The Nambwa Tented Lodge Campsite is as good a bird-watching hotspot as you could ever wish for, so when planning a trip to Bwabwata, keep at least one day open for bird-watching in the camp. Read more…

  2. Handsome Animals

    Handsome Animals

    How did these horses arrive in Africa - needless to say in Namibia - to dwell in the wild of the Namib Desert? For centuries this has been a mystery, but for the curious hearted there is more on the legend of these desert horses of Namibia: www.wild-horses-namibia.com Read more…

  3. The sun-baked plains of Etosha

    The sun-baked plains of Etosha

    People often ask for lions, elephants or other large animals, but there are small animals that dwell within the same plains, with astounding habits and equally intriguing names that capture the imagination. Read more…

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