Welcome to Namibia

Welcome to Namibia

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  1. A Unique Group of Birds

    A Unique Group of Birds

    Kalizo is on fire for this incredible happening every year. On 22 August, give or take a day or two, the carmines arrive in their thousands to do their annual breeding. But like in-laws, their departure is not that predictable, taking place somewhere between early November and late December. Read more…

  2. Inland Treasures of Namibia

    Inland Treasures of Namibia

    The most beautiful trees grow at the Camel Top Campsite, in the remote Kaokoland area. To the west of Grootberg Pass, when you stand at the highest point,  you will have a view towards the Skeleton Coast, while towards the east; it feels as if you could see tomorrow coming. Read more…

  3. The Painted Hunting Dog

    The Painted Hunting Dog

    African wild dogs are a species of extremes, and have the strongest bite strength of any living carnivore for their weight. Wild Dogs are the most successful hunters on the African continent, often successful in over 75% of hunts, but yet they are the most misunderstood of all carnivores. Read more…

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